Ideal mower for vineyards with tractors from 40 to 80 HP.


Standard equipment

- Structure of chassis in sheet of 5 mm. 

- Lateral blades in 8 mm thickness adjustable in height by 3 positions.
- Girder on the center of the machine for strengthen the power unit in sheet of 8 mm.
- Back part with a special design to make easy the drafts in small places.
- Front protections in wear chain to absorb all the projections.
- Back adjustable roller 140 mm diameter, very reinforced.
- Lateral counter-cleavers for a better cut and crushed of small vineshoots.
- Lateral chains of high safety to adapt the machine to the ground and for minimize the effects of the machine on the tractor.
- With 2 aspiration blades + 6 right blades.
- Cardan with fuse.
- Special coupling done in tube structure very reinforced CAT II with two positions.
- Accident prevention protections according to EC directives.

Wine Mower