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VentraI In Row Weeder


deal equipment for weed control wich mision is cultivation between plants in rows (mainly vineyard and orchard). The electrohydraulic is designed to work around the plant even with a very small size (from 1 cm diameter of plant trunk). The use of different tools is possible, allowing both surface works without earth removal and deep works up to a working depth of 20 cm. The equipment is controlled by an adjustable sensing rod, equipped with an electronic inductive sensor. The system combines a parallelogram displacement with a radial movement, that provides an high accuracy and at the same time an high tolerance allowing deviations higher than 30cm in the plants line, or in the tractor trajectory. Allows working speeds up to 12 km/h.


  • Contact us for more information about attatchments & equiptment to fit your vineyard or orchard.

    • Electric controls in cabin
    • Anti-shock sensor protector
    • Hydraulic pressure regulator
    • Hydraulic lifting
    • Electro hydraulic in row weeder
    • Tool kit for sensor regulation
    • Arm “D” and Plough blade to weed manufactured in boron steel
    • Quick connect kit for power tools
    • Security system under damages
    • Adjustable self-supporting height sensor
    • Electronic inductive sensor
    • Connection valve direct to a tractor
    • Adaptable standard plate to tractor side
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