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Cane Trimmer


Light but robust built equipment, mounted tractor front. Suitable to keep the growth of vineyard canopy under control for tree or espalier vineyards type. Its alternative high-accuracy cutting bar equipped with high-resistance blades on an exclusive excentrical crankshaft that allows a correct feeding and execution of the cutting at high working speed requiring a low maintenance . With a working speed up to 10 km/h and a quality cut like “scissors”,its design allow to work in two half-rows, reaching high performances.


  • Contact us for more information about attatchments & equiptment to fit your vineyard or orchard.

    • Electric controls in cabin
    • Anti-shock safety system
    • Sliding tray “no grease” with adjustable nylon wheels
    • Adjustment of the angle of incidence on each cutting bar
    • Hydraulic lifting
    • Tilting or lifting hydraulic cut bars (depending on model)
    • Double hydraulic cylinder in synchronized extension
    • Alternate cutting bars with excentric crankshaft
    • Storage foot
    • Lateral support rods
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