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The F501 is already the third generation of the Frostbuster. It’s are most powerful machine. The most important improvements, compared to the previous generation (F401), are:

  • New pulse burner with burner controller and ionization sensor, which makes it the safest burner used in agriculture.
  • The F501 can hold 8 or 10 gas bottles, so it has a bigger autonomy, up to 10 hours.
  • Now also available with 340 kg drum.
  • The burner starts automatically, depending on the RPM of the fan: if a certain speed level (RPM of fan) is exceeded, the burner will start automatically. When the speed drops back below this level, the burner will be switched off.
  • Gear box with overrunning clutch.
  • The temperature can be adjusted from the control box in the tractor’s cabine (option)

The F501 can also be equipped with a drum that can contain 340 kg of gas.


  • The replacement of an empty drum by a full drum takes only 5 mintes.
  • No loss of unused gas.
  • The price per kg gas is much cheaper than gas in bottles.
  • It’s much easier and faster to replace one drum then replacing 8 or 10 gas bottles.




FrostBuster 501

  • Model F501 F252 F252S F152









    trailed / 3-point Trailed 3-Point 3-Point 3-Point
    Outlets 2 low outlets 2 low outlets 1 low outlet
    1 high outlet
    1 low outlet
    Maximum capacity 8 to 10 ha 6 to 8 ha 6 to 8 ha 2 to 4 ha
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 4400x1500x1500 mm 1710x1720x1200 mm 1710x1450x1240 mm 1710x1600x1200 mm
    Weight without gas cylinders 1480 kg 350 kg 350 kg 320 kg
    Capacity of fan 23.500 m3/hour 22.500 m3/hour 22.500 m3/hour  
    Max. range of fan 100 m 80 m 80 m 50 m
    Max. rpm of PTO 540 540 540 540
    Average gas consumption ca. 30 kg/h ca. 30 kg/h ca. 30 kg/h ca. 25 kg/h
    Max. temperature 85 °c 85 °c 85 °c 85 °c
    Max. temperature at 1m 20 °C 20 °C 20 °C 20 °C
    Safety standards EEG/CE EEG/CE EEG/CE EEG/CE
    Gas cylinders 8 or 10 6 6 4
    Tested with temperatures -5 to -6 °C in full flowering -5 to -6 °C in full flowering -5 to -6 °C in full flowering -5 to -6 °C in full flowering
    Min. required HP of tractor 65 hp 50 hp 50 hp 35 hp
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