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No matter what kind of frost protection you use, one thing is absolutely essential for all systems: you must start in time. One of the main causes of frost damage is that protection systems are being launched too late. This can be due to different issues:

  • growers do not have a frost alarm.
  • growers are starting their protection system, based on a dry temperature.
  • the frost alarm is not placed in the right place.
  • the temperature sensor is installed too high.

When it comes to frost protection, there is only one important temperature: the wet temperature. Using a dry temperature meter is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a good alarm system that tells you when to start, based on the wet temperature. Because most systems use a dry temperature sensor, we decided to develop our own Frost Alarm.


This new device is only for frost warning. Our goal was to make a reliable alarm that is very easy to install and that works on the wet temperature.

It’s powered by a 12 or 24 Volt battery (not included). It works with a SIM-card (also not included) so you need mobile network coverage.


You can send SMS warning messages to maximum 3 mobile phones. It’s also possible to interrogate the station by sending a text message. The station will send you back all data: wet and dry temperature, relative humidity, dew point, battery voltage and alarm temperature.


When the set temperature is reached, it sends an alarm message to the phone numbers that are saved in the system. It will also send a message when the battery voltage becomes too low.


It comes with a inox pole.



Frost Alarm

  • When installing your alarm, you need to respect a few rules:

    • place the alarm in the orchard or vineyard that you want to protect.
    • place the alarm in the lowest (=coldest) spot of the field.
    • if you have several fields, use one alarm for each field.
    • the sensor must be placed at the same height as the lowest flowers/buds.
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